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Where do I go from here? Starting Anew!

One of the hardest questions you'll ever ask yourself multiple times.

I've found myself on the receiving end of this question several times. In life we tend to start projects, engage in relationships, start businesses and more. Sometimes these situations don't last as long as we'd wished they had. That's when starting anew comes into play. I prefer to say starting anew instead over starting over again because the phrase lends a tiny bit of hope to any circumstance. but how do we get there?

Baggage Check

Ending a relationship that has gone on for a while can sometimes take a toll on all parties involved. This is true with both friendships and intimate partners. We often see ourselves in those we spend the most time with. When those individuals are no longer around it can leave you not only feeling sad over them being gone, but you have to transition the emotions attached to them back to yourself. Sounds cooky, I know right? I like to call this the baggage check phase. Yes, really! You must go through every crevice and corner of your root chakra and heart space to search out anything that doesn't belong to you. You can easily get this process going with Reiki Energy Healing.

The healing starts once you've decided to clean house. Your house! Your temple! Your sacred space! This decision is so very paramount to the ability to progress. So decide.

So decide.

Everything inside of your being has to be fed up with your present situation or emotional state in order to move forward. Pulling someone along and trying to direct them without them being fully engaged in the healing process is very negligent. There are side-effects to this. (which I go over in-depth in session) That's why I don't do energy healing on those who have not requested it personally. It can never be someone else's responsibility to make sure that you are emotionally healthy. Not to say you should go though pain and emotional distress alone. That's not what I'm saying at all. The assistance, if required should come from a professional who knows how to walk alongside you while allowing you to guide yourself. Once you've done the work to heal in a healthy way with assistance if needed, you're ready to move forward.

Finding anew.

Where do I go from here? It's totally up to you! I advise my clients to write their thoughts, wants and needs down. Journaling allows you to see what's in front of you and truly grasp who you are, where you are going and the things you are going to accomplish. Keep in mind the healing doesn't have to be complete in order to move into this phase. Journaling is something you should do after deciding and working towards getting to a place of wholeness. Notice I used present tense at the start of this paragraph. That's because it's manifestation time. What better way than to write your vision and make it plain? We have all of the power to declare who we are and where we want to be in life. How do we do this and find anew? By being clear about the direction we want to take and following that path. Your writing should be exactly what you are speaking over yourself. No less than 3x per day you should be saying out loud what your intentions are. The thing is the way you say things. You have to learn to speak like you already have what you are trying to obtain. If you want peace, say I'm so grateful for the abundance of peace I have and continue to have. If you've written this and are saying something like this 3x a day will surely propel your wants into your haves. -Zura

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