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Sometimes pretty just won't cut it!

These ugly azz candles take on ugly situations like no other candle on the market! With four options to choose from you will began to see change in your circumstance almost immediately.   Great for fast work as they burn for approximately 3hrs. Please follow the directions and DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED! 

Did we mention they smell great?

Infused with our Reiki Oil and the herbs for that specific candle's intentions. These babies are READY to light up whatever you throw at them!


Cande Intentions

N.E.R.- This candle's intentions are for negative energy removal. Want something or someone's essence to get ghost? Burn this baby to get the job done.


Money Drawing- This candle's intentions are for removing blockages pertaining to your finances.  Out stretch your hands and get ready to recieve what's yours.


Passion & Power (love drawing)-This candle's intentions are for bringing love into your life. Want passion in and abundance? Get it with this one right here! Walk in your power and know who you are and what you deserve!


Fertility - This candle's intentions are for bringing a new bundle of joy into your life.  Best if combined with out "Fertili-Tea". 




Ugly Azz Spiritual Candles

$15.00 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price
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